Mark Wixted

Commercial Cookery III Tutor

 “Every week I can see the students progressing and becoming more confident–that’s the best part of teaching,” says Mark.


Coming from Limerick, Ireland, Mark has been a Chef for about 15 years in Ireland, UK and Australia. “I came to Darwin in 2009 and worked in a cafe as a Chef,” Mark says. “The style of food worked around all four seasons whereas in Darwin there are only 2 seasons. The climate in Ireland is mainly cold and wet so we have a lot of heavy one pot dishes such as venison stew or white lamb stew.”

Mark had been working in one of the most famous bars, Monsoons, for four years as Head Chef. “In this role, I oversaw the training of apprentices through the Certificate III program, as an on-site trainer. I had wanted to become a teacher for a long time; the training I did on the job was a step closer to becoming a teacher.”

Mark started his own catering company named Wixted Catering Pty Ltd in 2017 and a fish & chip store, The Chippy, in Dinah Beach, Darwin this year. “Owning my own business did not get me out of the kitchen – in fact I still work in the kitchen on most evenings and one weekend day every week. I really enjoy working in the kitchen.”

Mark chose ICAE due to years’ experience working in the industry. “I feel ICAE has a good reputation for producing quality chefs. I have worked with ICAE with the industry training students, so I felt it was the best choice.”

“I really enjoy teaching students, especially teaching practical classes. Every week I can see the students progressing and becoming more confident–that’s the best part of teaching.”

“Mark is a very good teacher, he is always helpful whenever we need assistance.” Ola, one of current Commercial Cookery III student says, “he is very nice to us.”

“The most valuable lesson I have learnt as a Chef is cleanness,” Mark says, “and this is a valuable lesson for my students as well–I cannot stress enough the importance of it at class.”

“My greatest expectation for the students is that they build the foundations to succeed in industry and have an enjoyable and prosperous career.”