Kieran Reekie

Commercial Cookery III Tutor​

50% strict plus 50% funny – that’s how most Commercial Cookery III students would ‘rate’ Kieran.


Kieran has been a Chef for more than twenty years and has worked in different types of restaurants domestically and internationally: Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, UK, etc. He has been teaching Commercial Cookery III at ICAE for a year now.

Kieran is familiar with various cooking styles and techniques such as British, French, Italian, Australian, European and Asian. “I have much experience in cooking European cuisine, but personally I enjoy cooking and having Asian food – my mom is Chinese.”

Kieran had no intentions to enter the industry at first. “My dad is a Chef and I learnt kitchen basics from him, but I did not want to follow his footsteps, I wanted to make jewellery”, he said. “But when I started to look for jobs, kitchen experience became my only skill set. After twenty years, I am still in the kitchen. But now I love doing it.”

Used to owning and managing three restaurants in Queensland, Kieran has exceptional rich knowledge and experience in terms of kitchen and restaurant management. “One of the most important lessons I have learnt is ‘don’t over-manage creativity’. I like creativity, and I always encourage students to be creative. However, consistency can not be neglected – as a Chef, you need to make sure to provide consistent, high-quality food for customers. It sounds like a cliché, but that is true.”

Kieran and his restaurants have won more than thirty awards so far. “All the awards are credited to my customers, they ‘force’ me to be better – I need to understand what they want in order to adjust the menu.”

“My greatest expectation for students is that by the time they finish the class with me they are able to enter the industry with something to offer. And that they conduct themselves safely. Safety comes first in the kitchen.”

“But the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy cooking”, Kieran laughed, “I hope my students enjoy the time spent in the kitchen.”

“Chef Kieran is a role model for me. He guides me step by step and he is a good blend of strictness and humour” attests Anusia, a current Commercial Cookery III student, adding “I want to be a teacher Chef like him in the future.”