Arvind Astadan

Commercial Cookery Student

Arvind Astadan, aged 25, is studying a Certificate III Commercial Cookery. His home city is Las Pinas, Philippines.


What are the main differences between your home city and Darwin?
The main difference between my home city which is Las Pinas, Philippines and Darwin, is that Darwin is too quiet and there’s no traffic here.

Have you ever lived away from home before?
No. This is my first time living away from home.

What do you miss most from home?
My mom’s cooking.

What activities do you do outside of school?
I just normally sleep and go to markets. Explore Darwin. Go for a motorbike at night time.

Why did you choose to study in Darwin?
I chose to study here since my brother and his family have lived here for almost 3 years now.

What friends have you made since moving to Darwin?
I made a lot of friends from different cultures from work and college.

What is your favourite thing about living in Darwin?
No traffic. Simple way of life.
Did you have any hospitality work experience before starting with ICAE? If yes, how has the curriculum at ICAE helped expand on this?
No. This is my first time studying and working in the hospitality industry.

Are you working anywhere at the moment? Can you describe the venue for us?
I am currently working at Darwin RSL. It’s a bistro located in the city.

What is the most interesting and enjoyable part of working in the hospitality industry?
It’s hard work but sure it’s fun.

What is your favourite part of the course so far?
My favourite part of the course so far is the practical part in the kitchen. Learning new cuisines and cooking skills.

What do you want to do when you finish the course?
To expand what I learned and be able to apply the knowledge that I gain at my workplace.

What advice would you give future students?
Just have fun while learning.